Quilt Restoration and Finishing

Do you have a vintage or antique quilt in your collection that has seen better days?

Perhaps bought one online and its got some damage?

Inherited a gem that needs some love?

A Piece of Cloth the Vintage Fabric Specialist

I can help.

Email me through some photos of your quilt or top and I can go through my extensive collection of fabrics to find a suitable match for the repair.

The studio has a huge collection of cutters that I can extract areas of fabric from that have the same wear pattern.

Services available -

Hand Quilting for finishing

Machine Quilting for finishing - the studio has a mid arm quilting set up and custom designs available.

Binding either machine or hand

General quilt repairs


Some of my thoughts on restoration and fixing up...

I think its really important to use genuine fabrics of the same era to repair a quilt, not modern reproductions. Why? The colors of the dyes are very different between the original fabrics and the reproductions. It can detract from the quilt.

It is a good idea to source original fabrics that have a similar weave and wear pattern to make your repairs with. If your quilt has an overall fade or wear, try to match in fabrics that have had a similar life. This is where cutters can be really helpful to find the right fabric.

Try to use a thread that is similar to what the original maker used. If they used black, even if it didn't match, its best to be in keeping with the original maker.

White is not white - modern whites are what are referred to as 'optical whites' they are a very different shade to antique or vintage whites. Try to match back with original whites such as shirting or sheeting from the same era of your quilt. Also older whites have a higher thread count and smoother weave than modern whites. I have bolts of whites from the 1940s and 50s in the studio and plenty of plain white feed sacks to assist in repair of white areas.

Please feel free to call me if you have questions or make and appointment for the studio if you want me to have a look at your quilt if you need some help.

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