All styles are made to order.
Please allow 7 days for your order to be made then shipped out
If you need length or trim changes please let me know.
Need something specific, lets chat. Tripaw, Sun cover, Surgery recovery etc
Other Breeds? Sure, just measure your dog following the guide  We have made tees for the following breeds so far - Doberman, Dalmation, Staffy, Whippet, Poodle, Aussie Cattle Dog, German Short Haired Pointer, Great Dane (that was a huge tee) Various Hound crosses and right down to a wee chiuaua.

Hound-Tees are a jersey knit top designed specially for greyhounds. As you know, hounds feel the cold a little more than the average dog so on days when its a bit chilly the Hound-Tee is like us hoomans putting a long sleeved tee on.

Hound-Tees are a slim fit design and stretch to fit your hound snug. They are designed to accommodate the unique shape of your hound. The single innovative arm hole allows for free movement and easy on and off. No bunching under the 'Hoob' - The gap between your hounds front legs.

They are great for under top coats to keep the belly warm, and can be worn under a harness. There are no tricksy fastenings and are pullover. Wear for lounging or sleeping in, they make great dogamas. Machine wash just like a hooman tee.

The tees are made with cotton spandex jersey, double rib or deluxe micro fleece. The PJ is a looser fit in the back leg for sleeping in. All trims are spandex ribs. Soft and super stretch for comfort.

All my fabrics are carefully sourced from from quality independent suppliers. Many are samples so some are in limited supply, so only a few can be made in each fabric.

Proudly Ethically Made in Rural Victoria.

For every Hound-Tee ordered a Cash Donation will be sent to Gumtree Greys for their rescued and foster hounds for much needed money for vet bills and operational costs.

HOUND-TEES are Copyright to A Piece of Cloth 2015

The Hoob Single Arm Hole is Copyright to A Piece of Cloth 2015

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