Clothling (s) is the name I give my found and adopted textiles.

From the term 'Foundling'.

def. An infant or small child found abandoned; a child without a known parent or guardian.

Being an adoptee my self this is a word close to my heart, as I was 'found' and given a caring and loving home. I hope that these textiles find a new home.

Each one of these pieces is hand made from my extensive collection of vintage and antique fabrics. They are all unique and no two are alike. I use old and forgotten methods of construction and hand work to create items that are enduring and will pass the test of time. A little bit of unique luxury in this world of fast fashion and mass production.

As my ideas change and the fabrics pass through the studio, the items here will change. I make each as a response to the best use of the materials that come my way.
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