Mercerisation you ask....

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I get asked this question a lot. What is Mercerisation?

Mercerisation is a process in cotton production. It is a treatment done in one or 2 stages that makes a cotton thread more wonderful, smooth and nicer to work with, which is why I am a fan of mercerised cotton fabrics and threads.

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1940's Scrap 9 patch Variation Quilt.

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This is a favourite layout for a 9 patch, why, its got the graphic grid of crosses going on.
This quilt is an original 1940s quilt that has been restored by the studio for a customer. But before it goes to its new home, I have drawn it up so if you want to have a crack at one with all your scrap, here are some notes.

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Maths, Beats and Quilts

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My partner is studying Engineering and often we have mentally taxing discussions that involve maths. I was never very good at the whole Maths thing when I was at school and it was a bit of a nuisance, but I do find now how it does in a way rule our world. Grids, roads, curves, circuits, houses, tables...it can all be put down to numbers.

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Dear Jane Wrap Up - AQA Dear Jane Show

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What a glorious weekend it was at the AQA Dear Jane Show. It was great to meet so many of you and put faces to names and have a chat. So many new projects are being started and loads of orphan blocks are off to new homes.

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Quilting Fit

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Last year I had a car accident…well being taken out on a roundabout by someone who didn’t give way kind of accident.

It was a shock and annoying and my beloved car was banged up pretty bad, but so was I.

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