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Strip Tease - Quilt Top Re-work

1940s Quilt Quilt Top Re-work Vintage Fabric Vintage Quilt

I have a thing for buying up old quilt tops that are a bit....well...kinda on the ugly side.

Because in amongst the overall ugly there is a whole lot of good stuff just waiting to be cracked out and used.

It's a bit like those scenes in corny movies where the girl receptionist with the hair bun and thick glasses does her little undoing and flick of the long flowing hair and takes her glasses off to reveal shes a Vogue worthy model.

Thats what an ugly quilt top is for me. Its a beauty just waiting to be discovered.


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No Pain, No Gain....

Hand Quilting Vintage Fabric Vintage Quilt

Finally after a long break I am back doing some hand quilting. It's been a long time between projects for myself. In fact most of the time I am 'reverse' quilting, I am unpicking something to re-work or salvage it.

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Orphans and Under Dogs...

Vintage Fabric Vintage Quilt

've had a lot going on lately in my non-working life, but is made me make some connections to my working part of things...the other 8 hours a day....well, its more than that but I like to think I sleep for 8, work for 8 and live for 8.

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Quilt Top Contraband....

Vintage Fabric Vintage Quilt Wedding Ring

There have been a few tips and tricks I have had to rely on over the years getting through airports with too much luggage. Often my carry on gets a little over loaded and more than once I have had to stuff a few things in the top of my pants to get past the check in at the gate. My most preferred method is to wrap a few articles of spare clothing around my middle or stuff a few things in the top of my boots til they tell me my carry on is light enough. Now, I don't recommend any of this, but sometimes you gotta do what ya gotta do.

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Up Close - 1940s Grand Mothers Flower Garden Variation

1940s Quilt Quilt Pattern Vintage Fabric Vintage Quilt

A lot of you have been quite interested in this quilt. So here it is up close so you can all get a better look at it.

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