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Its not often that I blog. I really only do it if I feel I have something worthy to talk about.

Last night on the 7.30 report on the ABC there was a story about the exporting of greyhounds to Asian countries. You can watch this via ABC i-view online - 7.30 report 09/12/2015.

I cried.

I had to look away.

I blocked my ears.

I am crying still.

For so many reasons I cannot fathom this. I cannot understand how this breed of dog is singled out and treated how they are. I know its because of $$$. I know its because racing and gambling are allowed.

If it was a Labrador or a Pug i'm sure the outrage would be greater??

Is it because we perceive this breed differently as the last few generations in this country has only seen them as racing dogs?

And because of this they are treated as 'livestock' - they are classified as that by law. This needs to change too. They just need to be dogs. Happy, normal pets. Simple.

But its not simple.

Also the loop hole about exporting dogs needs to be closed.
It is a simple change to legislation.

But I want to tell you a simple story about a black dog and a girl.

His name is Fritz. He is a big black lazy greyhound.
He came to me 18 months ago. I waited a while to get him as I wanted an ex blood bank dog. Why, my last dog needed life saving surgery to remove a tumour off his pancreas and survived with a blood transfusion from a dog like Fritz. I wanted to return the favour and save a dog who gave blood.

But Fritz was far more important to me and my recovery.

I fell apart a while ago. A few very tough things happened and I couldn't cope. It was like the straw on a camels back and I broke.
Things that were once very simple became very hard.
Being an adoptee is not an easy thing and some issues with family and finding my biological father came to breaking point.
Add to this running my own business and wearing far too many hats things just got too much.
Something had to give, and it ended up being me.
Chest pains and panic attacks and enough was enough.

My recovery was a mental care plan and treatment for acute anxiety. Weekly visits to a therapist and lots of sleep and making big changes to my life. Letting things go and making things simpler. Learning how to cope and learning how my brain worked differently on medication. Big changes. But positive ones. Unfortunately not everyone in my life thought so, but thats more about them than me. I learnt how to say no. Its good.

No more bad clients, no more fighting to get paid on design jobs, no more doing work that was sole destroying. Just me and my fabrics and my love of travel. No more trying to find my biological father as the trouble that comes with it is not worth it. I still think i'm Bon Scotts long lost daughter but thats another story.

Coming to terms with the fact that my biological mother hates me and blames me for ruining her life. No more dealing with shitty suppliers who rip me off. No more listening to people who are only out for themselves. Not knowing how to ask for help. That kinda stuff. Just my shitty luck that it all happened in the one month. Not fun.

Fritz came along and his big, gentle quiet presence calmed me and made me smile.
He knew I was sad and not quite right. He would stay close to me and rest his head in my lap. I found it easier to leave the house with him by my side. He made me feel a whole lot better. He's goofy, funny, lazy, affectionate and perceptive.
We bonded and he is my shadow.

I have two black dogs, one is my anxiety and the other is Fritz.


You can help lend your voice to stop the export of greyhounds to Asia by visiting and you can find the details of your local politician.

You can email Senator Barnaby Joyce direct here -

Facebook: Barnaby Joyce

Twitter: Barnaby_Joyce

Phone: 02 6761 3080

Toll free: 1300 301 839 (within New England electorate only)

Fax: 02 6761 3380

Electorate Office: Shop 5, 259 Peel St, Tamworth, NSW, 2340

Post: PO BOX 963, Tamworth, NSW, 2340

 If you need help with anxiety you can contact Beyond Blue

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  • Jen d on

    Beautifully written. I wish I had got to know you sooner. I hope the countryside is helping your peace of mind. Much love. .jen x

  • Janet Huenink on

    Your blog entry for December is very courageous. It takes maturity and humility to describe such a personal episode in your life. Many of us have had significant periods of sadness which required lots of agony and change. You described it in a way that is very genuine. Bravo to you and best wishes for a wonderful 2016!

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