Stripey Greyhound Pattern now Available

I have uploaded my first greyhound jumper knitting pattern to Ravelry.

Stripey Greyhound Sweater

Or you can access it here.


It is a $5.00 donation to the Friends of the Melbourne University Vet Hospital that saved my dear hound Fritz from thyroid cancer late last year.

They took a punt on giving him another chance and I am truly grateful for them for giving surgery a go as an option, its always good to get a second opinion.

Fritz also lived at the Vet hospital for 5 years as a blood donor dog. There are still greyhounds living in residence at the Hospital and the money raised through the sale of this pattern is for toys and care as these hounds were not suitable for re-homing as pets.


Thank you.


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  • vera plesek on

    we have a whippet – and I have been looking for a pattern for her. will this pattern be too big, do you think? looking forward to hearing from you.

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