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I am really excited about the arrival of the new twins. Not just because new arrivals are exciting in themselves but these 2 new little boys when they arrive are my first new blood relatives and I will be their half aunty. I don't feel I can say full auntie as I am the half long lost sister of my biological brother. Yeah all this adoption stuff is confusing.

Anyhoo... I was going to make a quilt from my stash of vintage seersucker when I first found out my brothers partner was pregnant.

But then they let everyone know it was twins...ok so 2 quilts thats cool....but then it was 2 boys.

Ok, that threw a bit of a spanner in the works as my seersucker was a decidedly girly stash of fabrics.

I ummed and ahhed about a few other ideas and rummaged in my stash. Played with some stuff but just wasn't feeling it. Even whipped together a pile of 1960s 4 patch blocks into 2 cot quilt sized tops but again, it just wasn't working for me, also just because I like vintage doesn't mean everyone else does. Sometimes you need to take into account the recipients decor etc. I opted to go for something a bit more modern so I went back into the store room, rummaged in boxes of yarn and came up with these blankets.

The design has been dictated by what colours and quantity of yarn I had on hand. I am trying to only use what I have I my stash for everything over the next year as I HAVE WAY TOO MUCH STUFF.


This is the pattern. I made 2 blankets in the same pattern but with different colours and shared the contrast across the 2 blankets. Its for twins so one can be green the other yellow but they have the same tie in. Both approx 42 x 54 inches each.


The yarn I used was a chunky/bulky weight cotton/acrylic in 100 gram balls from Katia but this yarn is from a long time ago over 15 years. I think I got it originally to make a blanket when I was living up north and it was warm at night. Not sure what is around these days, but a cotton acrylic blend chunky weight yarn is great for kids stuff as its machine washable and light even though its thick yarn.

You could also use 2 strands of DK/8ply together and there are plenty of cotton blends on the market in that weight in good colours.


Colour Way 1

2 1/2 Mid Blue

2 Balls Aqua

2 Balls Green

1/2 Ball Navy

1/2 Ball Ecru



Colour Way 2

2 1/2 Balls Mid Blue

2 Balls Aqua

2 Balls Yellow

1/2 Ball Navy

1/2 Ball Ecru



Abbreviations I use:

K -Knit

P - Purl

YO - Yarn Over

R2D2 - This is what I call my ridged stitch. Slip 2 stitches Together Knit wise. Knit one, pass the 2 slipped stitches over and this makes the Ridge.

ES - Edge Stitch. I slip one stitch Purl wise at the start of a Knit row and Slip one stitch Knit wise at the start of a Purl row.

SSK, Slip, Slip, Knit

K2T - Knit 2 together


7mm Needles - I used a long circular needle.

Tension isn't really an issue with this pattern, just knit it then wet block it to a good size for a cot.


Cast on in Colour 1 - 100 Stitches using the long tail method cast on.

I prefer this cast on as it gives a really nice edge.

Good Tutorial here on this method.


Set up your pattern:

ES 1, SSK, K 10, (YO, K 1, YO, K 10, R2D2, K10) to last 14 stitches, YO, K1, YO, Knit 10, K2T, K1.

Row 2 - ES 1, PURL all stitches taking care to purl all your YO's into the front of the loop on the needle.

These 2 rows make up your pattern. Repeat.



Yarn Over, Knit One, Yarn Over (YO, K1, YO)




Pattern Colour Rows:

I knit 24 rows each colour as that is what I got out of each ball. Knit til your ball runs out?

Colour 1 - 24 rows pattern

Colour 2 - 24 rows pattern

Colour 3 - 24 rows pattern

Repeat one more time


Contrast 4 Knit 2 rows pattern

Contrast 5 Knit 2 rows pattern

Repeat 5 times

Contrast 4 Knit 2 rows pattern


Colour 1 Knit 4 Rows Pattern

Cast off loosely.


Stitch all your ends in.

Wet Block with blocking wires giving the blanket a good stretch across to approx 40 to 42 inches wide.


Colour Suggestions for girls:

Red, Orange, Pink with Purple and Ecru Contrast

Yellow, Aqua, Pink with Blue and White Contrast

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  • Sandra on

    Hi~ I am making three blankets for my niece who is having triplets (3 boys). I love the pattern for little boys. The blanket has an athletic look with the black and white stripes. But…I am having trouble with the pattern. I have started it over about 8 times at least. When I did the math I think the cast on should be 100 stitches. Subtracting out 14 stitches at the beginning and the end of the row (total of 28 stitches) from 99 leaves 71 stitches. Three sets of the pattern per row would be 3 × 24 stitches = 72.

    Please let me know what you think. Thanks very much for your help!


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