If the Shoe Fits...Make your own Patchwork Shoes!

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I've always wanted some patchwork shoes and I found my old espadrilles gathering dust under the bed and thought why not give it a go.


Here is my attempt for you all if you want to have a crack. This took me about 1.5 hours.


What you will need:


A pair of espadrilles in your size. I got mine in Spain years ago, but the ones with the proper coiled sisal sole are the best that are stitched and not glued together. Look under your bed, you might already have some. This would work equally as well with espadrille wedges or sandals too.


Some fabric scraps. I used my 2 inch squares from my pre-cuts and stitched them together.


A remnant of Ticking or other heavy cotton or canvas for the lining


Thick cotton thread and normal sewing thread,


Sewing machine


A hand sewing needle for basting and one long sharp one for the sewing of the shoe to the sole.


Usual kit of scissors, snips, pins etc.



1: Gather your supplies.



2: Unpick the uppers from the soles and press flat. This will become your pattern. Mark your Left and Right so you know for later.




3: Sew, make, salvage your patchwork for your uppers. Depending on the size of your shoes you may need more or less than what I made. Use your unpicked uppers as a guide.



4: Using your uppers as a pattern cut your pieces for the tops and lining leaving a 1/4 seam all around.


5: Stitch your linings to your uppers on the top edge of the shoe using a 1/4 inch seam. Turn out and press seam to the lining.

Under stitch the seam to the lining close to the edge. With your main front shoe piece clip the curves before turning to right side.


6: Top stitch upper edges 1/4 inch from edge. Press.

7: Trim and true up your pieces against your original pattern pieces. Baste stitch 1/4 on remaining raw edges holding lining and upper together.

Over cast your raw edge of heel piece at narrow sides.



8: Stitch the heel piece to the front piece at side edges. Use your original pieces as a guide. I top stitched through all layers to do this.


9: You now should have 2 uppers that look a bit like this.

10: Press your basted edge to the wrong side using your basting stitching as a roll line. Hand tack this edge down and ease your curves in. Do not skip this, this makes stitching your shoes together easier.


11: Pin your uppers to your soles with the pins vertical through all layers. Match your center fronts to pointiest part of front of sole. 


12: Using your sharp long eyed needle and your thick cotton thread blanket stitch your uppers to your sole. I used the old thread holes as a guide from the original stitching.  My stitches were about 7mm apart.

You want to stitch in an upwards motion catching about 3mm from the edge on top through your basted seam allowances into the edge of the sisal sole.

Start at your inside edge near your seam.

When done, pull out tacking threads.



13: I did a little cross stitch on each corner of the uppers for some detail. Purely optional.


14: You should now have some fancy feet. Enjoy!



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    Gracias por compartir este conocimiento

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    Muito lindos, adorei!!!!

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